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The mission of Shoshin Ryu Jujitsu is to teach Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, to assist those who teach Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, and to recognize those who have come before us.

Recipients of Past Awards of Shoshin Ryu Yudanskakai

Recipients of Past Awards of Shoshin Ryu Yudanskakai
Luciani Service Award
The Luciani Service Award is named in honor of Donald Luciani: student, teacher, scoutmaster, devoted father, and loving husband. It is presented annually to the person who best exemplifies those qualities which have endeared his memory to those who loved him: integrity, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, and humility.
1988 Sensei William Fischer
1989 Sensei James DeHaven
1990 Professor Clyde Zimmerman
1991 Sensei Patricia Chubb
1992 Professor Rick L. DeHaven
1993 Professor Roy Center
1994 Professor Carl P. Beaver
1995 Sensei Richar Charlebois
1996 Sensei Roger Medlen
1997 Sensei Tracey Charlebois
1997 Sensei Owen Gallagher
1998 Professor William Fischer
1999 Professor Clyde Zimmerman
2000 Sensei Owen Gallagher
2001 Sensei Peter Zukowski
2002 Professor Mike LaMarche
2003 Professor Roger Medlen
2004 Professor Jon Jacques
2005 Professor Barry Posner
2006 Professor Steve McMillian
2007 Professor Carlos Gallegos
2008 Professor kevin Dalrymple
2009 No Award
2010 Professor Jon Jacques
2011 Professor Bryan Stanley
2012 Christopher Chubb
2013 Professor Robert McKean
2013 Sensei Steve Davis
2014 Professor Len Riley
2015 Sensei Michael Whitaker
2016 Denzel Mooney
Instructor of the Year Award
The Instructor of the Year Award is established to recognize those instructors within the yudanshakai for their outstanding achievements as senseis, their dedication to their students and programs, and their example to their fellow instructors.
1991 Sensei Richar Charlebois
1992 Prof. Rick L. DeHaven
1993 Sensei Bryan Stanley
1994 Prof. Len Riley
1995 Sensei Kevin Dalrymple
1996 Sensei Raymundo Suarez
1997 Professor H. Bruce Stokes
1998 No Award
1999 Sensei Stephen McMillian
2000 Sensei Joe Ristrom
2001 Prof. Rory Rebmann
2002 Prof. Jon Jacques
2004 Sensei Edward Bederov
2005 Sensei Mike Whitaker
2006 Professor Carlos Gallegos
2007 Professor Ron Jennings
2008 Sensei Tom Borr
2008 Sensei Donn Hearn
2009 No Award
2010 Professor Maureen Browne
2011 Sensei Randy Carrasco
2012 Professor David Williams
2013 Sensei Greg Poretz
2014 Sensei Dave Wojick
2015 Sensei Dan Kveen
2016 Sensei Dale Evola
2017 Sensei Remi Pintang
Lamplighter Award
The Lamplighter award is established to recognize the person within the martial arts community, although not necessarily within the Yudanshakai or the Danzan Ryu System, whose life, efforts, and dedication best exemplify the Esoteric Prinicples of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki.
1991 Professor Charles Lee
1992 Sensei Zane Graham
1993 Professor Douglas Scheid
1994 Professor David Nuuhiwa
1995 Sensei Carlos Gallegos
1996 Professor Daniel Saragosa
1997 Professor Toru Tanaka
1998 No Award
1999 Sensei Mark Ramsey
2000 Sensei David B. Chubb
2001 Professor Bud Collyer
2002 Professor Lyle Ho
2003 Sensei Teresa Dickerson
2004 Hanshi Joe Carslake
2005 Professor James Keltner
2005 Professor Barry Posner
2006 Sensei Gene Mauro
2007 Grandmaster Alexander Archie
2008 Shihan Fumio Demura
2008 Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu
2009 John Chow Hoon
2010 Shihan Stephen Grayston
2011 Shihan Dave Parker
2012 Shihan Barry Holck
2013 Sensei Donald Dupree
2014 Professor Gary Jones
2015 Eric Hakushi
2016 Sensei Dave Heacock
2017 Professor Joe Ristrom
Professor Francisco Limbago Spirit of Kokua Award
the Professor Francisco Limbago Spirit of Kokua Award is established to recognize a person for his selfless contributions to the Danzan Ryu community, and his emulation of the spirit of Professor Francisco Limbago of Hawaii, who during his life raised the concepts of amiability, mutual cooperation, and lifetime service to a high art as an example for others to follow.
2005 Professor Vinson Holck
2007 Professor Douglas Kiehl
2010 O-Sensei Glenn Medici
2010 Professor Mel Cansibog
2011 Professor Carlos Gallegos
2012 Professor William Randle
2013 Professor Steve McMillian
2015 Professor Jason Spencer
2016 Professor Maureen Browne
2017 Professor Kevin Dalrymple
Professor James L. DeHaven Larger than Life Award
2011 Professor Bud Collyer
2012 Professor H. Bruce Stokes
2013 Professor Rory Rebmann
2014 Professor Clyde Zimmerman
2015 Professor Charles P.K. Lee
2016 Professor Rich Charlebois
2017 Professor Jim Lambert

Code of Ethics

In order to establish uniformity of standards for student participation, insure consistency of instruction, promulgate sportsmanship, perfect strength of character, and foster an abiding respect for the esoteric principles, which are the foundations of the art of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, each dojo, each instructor, and each member shall be committed to the rules, regulations, and ethics of the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai.
Each member of Shoshin Ryu is expected to exemplify the highest ideals inherent in the art of Jujitsu. Love of parents, respect for teachers and learning, obedience to law, service to humanity, protection of the weak, discrete action, honesty and gentleness – these are the obligations we owe to the community. Modesty, politeness, humility, simplicity, fortitude, dedication, selflessness, moderation in all things – these are the values we owe to ourselves
When we fail to live up to these principles, we bring dishonor both to ourselves and to Shoshin Ryu. This perfection of character is a lifelong commitment. Accordingly, it shall be grounds for removal from the association of any member, student, instructor, or dojo violating any of the following

  1. Using or distributing illegal drugs.
  2. Teaching or training while under the influence of any alcohol or drug which, in the opinion of the senior instructor, may cause harm to any member or student.
  3. Advocating, exhibiting, or participating in any violent, unjustified, unwarranted, or unreasonable aggressive behavior towards any person, another’s property, or any living thing.
  4. Advocating or participating in any criminal offense.
  5. Consistent disrespect for parents, teachers, the dojo, its instructors, or one’s fellow students.
  6. Consistent use of offensive or vulgar language.
  7. Participating in gang activity or gang affiliation.
  8. Advocating or participating in conduct intended to embarrass Shoshin Ryu, any dojo, any instructor, or a fellow student.
  9. Participating in conduct detrimental to the continued welfare of the dojo and Shoshin Ryu.
  10. Unauthorized use of the name of Shoshin Ryu for profit.
  11. Failing to abide by the rules and regulations governing members of Shoshin Ryu

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